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Seaside™ Treated Wood Products from Fortress

Capable of withstanding saltwater splash and immersions, Seaside™ Treated Wood Products from Fortress will exceed your customers’ expectations for their marine applications. Our Seaside brand products are made to last, whether buried deep into the sand to provide a strong foundation for a home or forming a seawall, beautiful beach walkway or dock. Seaside products are all treated with CCA preservative that holds up to the extreme conditions of oceanside life. Not to mention, Seaside treated wood is also compliant with AWPA Use Standards UC4C, UC5A and UC5B—making Seaside products the perfect addition for docks, piers and bulkheads.

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About CCA Treated Wood

CCA-C treated wood provides a full range of products for highway, commercial, and agricultural applications. CCA-C preservative is registered for use only in the pressure treatment of certain commodity building materials used in non-residential applications. CCA treated wood products are for nonresidential applications in which conditions conducive to termites and fungal decay are present. These conditions would include any situation in which wood will be in contact with water, soil, concrete or masonry, subject to periodic wetting, or exposed to moisture or high humidity. Common uses CCA treated wood products include industrial and marine uses, poles for highway and agricultural construction, lighting, building structural use, agricultural fencing, foundation piling, certain salt water marine applications.

Available Seaside Products

• Heavy retention CCA Marine piling

• Heavy retention CCA timbers

• CCA foundation piling

• CCA Bulk Heading Material

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