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We're doing everything we can to continue giving you our very best service in this trying time.

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The Fortress®

Quality can be measured in terms of products; but people and service levels are often intangible. At Fortress, we don’t expect our customers to take the concept of TOTAL quality commitment for granted. Ours is evident from the manufacturing process, to the finished products we sell, and in the way we respond to the needs of our customers and are commited to their success.

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Our Products

We provide the highest quality products, exceptional customer service, integrity and loyalty which are the key elements that define our business.

Fortress Wood® offers a full range of excellent pressure treated wood products and preservative technologies that are essential in today’s marketplace for both commercial and residential building applications. We pride ourselves on setting this standard of high quality, aesthitic appeal and environmental stewardship.

Commercial Treated Wood Products

Commercial Products

Fortress Wood® offers a selection of treated wood products for Highway, Commercial and Agricultural. Preservative treatments are also available for treated wood used in saltwater splash, saltwater immersion, seawall, and marine construction applications.

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Residential Treated Wood Products

Residential Products

Fortress Wood® provides a diverse selection of building code compliant preservative treatments for wood used in building decks, fences, boardwalks, mail box posts, outdoor stairways, gazebos, landscaping projects, outdoor furniture, Shingles, Railings, and much more!

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