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Commercial Products

Fortress® offers a selection of treated wood products for commercial and industrial uses.

Have a look at some of the beautiful projects that have been done using Fortress Wood Products® in the gallery below!

CCA Treated
Wood Products

Highway, Commercial and Agricultural Treated Wood Products

Fortress Wood® has a number of CCA (Copper Chromated Arsenate) treated lumber and timber products for use in approved highway construction, commercial and agricultural use applications.

Marine Use Seaside

Seaside LogoPreservative treatments are available for treated wood used in saltwater splash, saltwater immersion, seawall, and marine construction applications. Our marine treated wood products are building code compliant for docks, piers and bulkheads. Fortress Wood marine products are compliant with AWPA Use Standards UC4C, UC5A and UC5B.

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Grades Available

Helpful Info

Download a helpful Specification Guide for the use of pressure-treated Southern Pine for aquatic structures and marine applications.